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The latest real estate news and insights for Brentwood, the Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and beyond.

Customer Service Lessons from 5 Top Companies

It seems the more efficient we become as a society, the less personal attention we experience in customer service.

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Tips on Beachfront Living

Living at the beach has more than its share of perks- that delicious sea air, the hypnotizing sound of the waves, not to mention the stunning views.

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The Place You Call Home

The emotional connection to where we live is undeniable. When the majority of our emotional and aesthetic needs are met, that’s when we know…we’re truly home.

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Best Real Estate Buys for Long Term Wealth Reservation

Despite today's fluctuating global market, US real estate continues to be a sound investment choice for international investors committed to long-term wealth accumulation.

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Mary Lu Tuthill Reflects on Real Estate Wealth Management Conference

In March, Mary Lu attended a conference with a small group of Private Wealth Managers in the Silicon Valley area to discuss Southern California luxury real estate.

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What Properties to Present to What Clients: The Art of Finding the Right Fit 

Buying a home is no small feat; most homeowners are looking for the perfect place to call home and more importantly, are looking to their realtor to help them find it.

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Discover Brentwood: A Neighborhood Guide

Known as one of Los Angeles’ most affluent neighborhoods and one of the most beautiful neighborhoods on the Westside of the city, Brentwood offers more than just elegant, luxurious homes.

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Mary Lu Attends Inspiring Children’s Institute Luncheon

This past week, Mary Lu attended the Children's Institute Luncheon Event at which the Colleagues presented the “Champion of Children Award” to actor and philanthropist, Roma Downey. 

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The 5 Most In-Demand Luxury Real Estate Markets in 2016

Analysts predict 2016 will be an even more active year for US real estate than last year. Still, we all know that real estate is both a global and a local phenomenon. So which American cities will see the most action from high end buyers over the next 11 months?

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