“Home is where one starts from.”- T.S. Elliot

Nothing says up-close and personal like the place we call home. As T. S. Elliot so eloquently put it, it is the place we start from, the foundation that supports us in the many facets of our lives- in family, career, and at play. It’s the creative hub for all our aspirations. Home is the place where memories are made, where life unfolds, page by page, day by day. Home provides the sanctuary where we can be ourselves, so that we can then go out in to the world, and offer up our very best.

Whether you choose to live in your new home for a few years or a few decades, finding the right house means getting in touch with your hierarchy of needs. Fortunately, our minds are already geared towards priority sorting in today’s demanding world of multi-tasking; so it’s easy to put together a list of what’s most important in the physical sense. Is the house big enough? Does it have enough bedrooms? Is the kitchen remodeled? Is the roof and plumbing updated? Check! Check! Check!

Considering how personal home is however, it makes sense to check in with our core values as well. How does this house really make you feel? Check in with your emotional hierarchy of needs and ask yourself:

  • Does this home support my lifestyle and what’s important to me and my family?
  • Is this a home where I can rest, rejuvenate, and be at my best?
  • Do I feel inspired here?
  • Can I see myself really enjoying life here?

The emotional connection to where we live is undeniable. When the majority of our emotional and aesthetic needs are met, that’s when we know…we’re truly home.

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